Yum yum~

It’s been a long long while since Kai and I went out! Due to my work, it’s very tiring for me to travel on weekends and therefore we always nua at home.

Yesterday we went to catch Crazy, Stupid, Love in cinemas! It was kind of funny and moving as well. Some scenes with Steve Carell reminds me of Date Night. Hahaha~

Waiting for a bus to go to Pasir Ris from Tampines and I decided to test some shots with my new camera!

Anyway the yum yum is not referring to the movie.

There is a cantonese tze char stall opened in Pasir Ris CC and my boyfie took me there for dinner!

Ordered tofu with vegetables, har chiong kai (Prawn paste chicken), yi fu mian and prawn balls in salted egg yolk! We ate up all the food before har chiong kai arrived so we cancelled the order.

I always love a beancurd and mushroom combo because they always tend to soak up the sauce like sponges and they blend very well together!

My favorite dish because it seems easy to whip up this dish but it’s very difficult to make it taste nice. IMO, the salted egg yolk should not taste too powdery or too bland. There is a tiny bit of sugar which also makes the dish tastes better!

Not a great fan of sauced noodles because sauces always tastes too overpowering for me. But this yi fu mee tastes just right!

It’s a kind of waste that we didn’t get to try har chiong kai. 😦 What’s eating at a cantonese tze char stall without eating that? But we were already so full before the har chiong kai arrived and a fried dish don’t taste good if we tabao it and make it into our supper.

Oh wells~


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