Laneige Water Bank Series

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Do you like what you see here?

What is the first thing you notice about her? For me, it’s her glowy looking skin! Anyway her name is Song Hye Kyo, spokeperson for Laneige!

I believe that every girl can have crystal-like and dewy looking skin despite any skin problems. Nobody’s skin is perfect, but translucent and radiant skin is still achievable. Despite my trouble with acne, my skin is still smooth and radiant because I focus on hydrating skin!

Recently I get to try Laneige’s Water Bank Series!

From Left to Right:
Laneige Multi Cleanser, Power Essential Skin Refiner – Light, Balancing Emulsion – Light, Water Bank Essence, Water Bank Gel Cream and Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Laneige has just recently improved its water bank series and added a new ingredient called Designer Water which is unique to the Water Pump System hydration technology. The designer water increases the rate of skin regeneration, fortifies damaged skin cells and restore them to a plump and healthy condition.

Other than the Designer Water, Hydro Holder and Hydro Activator is also present in the Water Pump System. The hydro holder contains amino acids which strengthens skin cells to absorb and hold moisture effectively. Hydro activator contains glasswort extracts, enables moisture to be effectively distributed to each cell.

Initially Laneige promises a 12 hour non-stop hydration. As if it’s not enough, the new composition of Designer Water and its counterparts ensures a 24 hour non-stop hydration!

Starting with Laneige Multi Cleanser(Retailing at S$33.00 at all Laneige counters islandwide), this cleanser is suitable for all skin types. It is a 4-in-1 cleanser which removes makeup, sunscreen, exfoliates and cleanses!

When squeezed out from the tube and lather, it foams up like ordinary cleanser. However I can feel tiny bits in the cleanser, which is what they referred as the Papain enzymes! The enzymes are extracted from Papaya, and is used as a mild exfoliating ingredient for smoother skin.

Even though it is a foam cleanser, it doesn’t dry out my skin unlike most foam cleansers. Just by splashing water onto my face, the foam gets washed away very quickly without even touching my face.

The Power Essential Skin Refiner (Retailing at S$45.00 in all Laneige counters islandwide) is a toner which eliminates impurities, removes keratin for clear and translucent skin.

It contains Bio Dusali, an extract from fermented seaweed and Hyacinth extract which promotes keratin turnover and purifies skin from harmful materials. Besides that, it also contains niacinamide and cotton extract which helps to brighten skin tone and prevent skin damage for healthy and clear looking skin!

The Balancing Emulsion (S$45.00 at all Laneige Counters islandwide) is a light weight emulsion with purifying and hydro balancing care. This is the next step after toner and it preps skin for better absorption of moisture.

It controls excess sebum and balances oil and moisture. It also contains Bio Dusali, Hyacinth extract and Niacinamide. An additional ingredient which they used is Ginger extract which helps to control sebum and skin troubles for oily skin.

It has a very watery texture and feels light on my skin. However, it can feel a little heavy on my skin when applied too much. So be careful with that.

The water bank essence (retailing in all Laneige Counters islandwide at S$65.00) is a long lasting moisture essence with Water Pump System to promote moisture circulation.

It contains patented ingredients such as HyperAqua-L and Aqu’ative, which is responsible for excellent hydration and long lasting moisturisation in dry environments. Also contains seamollient extracts to strengthen, firm and smooth skin texture. Chestnut seed extracts helps to promote cell turnover.

I find the essence slightly heavy for me, despite it being the “Light” range essence. But without using it, I find my skin a little more oilier during mid day.

The Water Bank Gel Cream (retailing at S$52.00 in all Laneige counters islandwide) is tailored for oily skin types. If you are oily skin, you should avoid creamy stuffs as they clog pores and may trigger acne problems.

The gel cream claims to be non-sticky and has a refreshing texture. I was looking most forward to using this product out of the lot but it somewhat disappoints me. I’ve used Neutrogena’s hydroboost gel and this Water Bank Gel Cream is nowhere near that lightweight texture. It’s a little towards the heavy side, tough to spread on my skin and feels a little sticky, especially after piling up so many products before this.

However this product is also the reason why I am spotted with dewy skin. After applying the gel cream on my skin, I can see a glow on my skin. I guess people who prefers matte skin might dislike this product.

Anyhow, it contains HyperAqua L and Aloe Vera. Additionally, it also contains Centaury, a herb which soothes sensitive skin which was exposed to heat to rebalance skin.

The Water Sleeping Pack_EX (retailing at S$45.00 in all Laneige counters islandwide) is my fav product. It is a light gel-type texture which gives intensive hydration and brightening effect!

This is a sleeping mask which is surprisingly lighter than its Water Bank Gel Cream. I love how my skin looks the next day! It is enriched with Beta-glucan, which deeply hydrates fatique and dry skin. A formula called Ceramide strengthens skin barrier. It is also enriched with Hunza Apricot Extracts which evens skin tone and purify skin!

The most interesting thing about this product is the aromatic essence compound developed exclusively by AMORE-PACIFIC, Sleepscent. The aroma helps to relax mind and body to promote good sleep. It contains essential oils from Orange Flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandal Wood and etc. I think this is essential since you have something on your face which probably gonna make you worry about staining your pillow case.

Other products of the Water Bank Series are Water Bank Moisture Cream, Water Bank intensive cream and Water Bank Double Moisture Mask. Two current award winning products, Water Bank Hydro Gel and Water Bank Eye Gel have been added to the series as well.

My favorite products from the water bank series are their Multi Cleanser and the Water Sleeping Pack_EX!

You can find out more about Laneige and their series on their facebook page!


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