Love in Space 全球热恋

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Can you imagine yourself falling in love with someone a total opposite of you?

Or do you rather fall in love with a like minded soul?


Love In Space is a romance comedy about 3 daughters each falling in love with a guy totally opposite of them.

The eldest daughter, Rose is an astronaut (played by Rene Liu) , was once together with her colleague (played by Aaron Kwok) but breaks up because of their character.


The middle child, Lily (played by Grace Huang) is a clean freak, but falls in love with a like minded soul who is collects trash for a living (played by Eason Chan).


And lastly, the youngest is a starlet (played by Angelababy) who falls in love with a waiter. Their love was sweet but as a celebrity, falling in love with a lowly paid waiter is a forbidden love as it invites gossip.


In this movie, you’ll see how people stayed on and fight for love, no matter how different they are.

At first look I wasn’t really interested in this movie but I gave it a try when offered me a pair of tickets to this movie. However I’m glad I tried.

It is surprisingly entertaining. There were some funny moments here and there. And of course if a romance film could make me tear, it has got to have some certain standard to it.

My fave part is the second sister and the youngest’s stories. The second sister is willing to overcome her OCD problem in order to be with the man she loves. Angelababy’s acting skills and her ever changing looks in that show also took me by surprise!


All in all, if you are looking for an interesting romance film to watch with your partner, this might perhaps be the one you’re looking for!


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