Secret to Smooth Skin

Hey girls, check this out!

What do you think this? Yummy marshmellow or whip cream?


It is the new Biore’s Marshmellow Whip!

I always like Biore’s products because they are very gentle to the skin.The new Marshmellow Whip is a self foaming cleanser but no worries, it is very gentle too!

When going for a facial, the beautician always asks, “What cleanser are you using? Your skin looks very _______ (insert comment here).”

And what do you reply her next?

“Foam Cleanser.”

“Oh, foam cleanser is very harsh on the skin. Don’t use that!…”

Yes, foam cleansers are very harsh. Foam cleansers are not suitable for sensitive skin users or acne prone skin because it contains ingredients such as SLS or SLES, an foaming agent and also a skin irritant. Otherwise, foaming cleansers contains Sodium Chloride, which is also a skin irritant.

But this cleanser doesn’t contain all these foaming ingredients!

It’s so gentle on the skin! And also because of the foam, you get lesser irritation because of less rubbing. Foam cleansers also cleanse better than non-foaming cleansers because of the fine bubbles that are smaller than our pores!

I like this foam because it’s so fluffy and thick, it is already foamed when I pumped out from the bottle! Normal foam cleansers requires you to lather well before you apply on your face, because it doesn’t cleanse well if lather is not done properly.

It doesn’t drip as well! Check out the thick foam I placed on my nose on purpose!

It’s also collagen enriched so that your skin stays moisturized despite the foaming factor. Yay!

Smooth baby skin starts from cleansing! Get your Marshmellow Whip at S$13.90 now!

Plus plus plus! Play their game at to stand a chance and win S$300 H&M Voucher or S$80 worth of Kao Products! My score is currently 290 pts!


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