Picnic with the Cousins!

It’s a long long long while since the 4 of us hung out together and this is the first time we are doing a picnic gathering! We went to Marina Barrage!

Pictures are unedited by the way… I’m loving my new camera too much because almost every picture looks perfect!

So the four of us each brought some food… Joanne and her brother Nicholas brought chicken wings, fishballs and nuggets while my sis and  I brought sausages, fried rice (ok I did the frying with some help of my mum but she’s making a mess instead of helping cos she insists of adding more sauces to my fried rice and my rice became a tad dried because of the heating :(), tidbits, puddings and mooncakes (from Ritz Carlton, I got it from my office LOL)!

We were worried about not having enough food but apparently our worries are unnecessary!

Here’s a picture of myself :P:

And us girls! Cousin Jevons always calls us the S.H.E since we were young. LOL!

Love this cousin of mine! She is the oldest of us all (by a few years only la but still,) and she taught us many things! The first time we went out together was to watch a movie because sis and I have never stepped foot in a cinema when we were young. LOL.

And plus there was a period of time she was the one I told all my relationship problems to, and she’s so damn nice to help me lor despite I called her in wee hours!

And Nick always like to act cool infront of the cam. He knows I’m taking a picture of him and he looked away on purpose!

Sis and I!

Joanne and Nick!

Nick and I:

After food, we shifted to the shelters because the sky loves to cry. Played uno and bluff!

Time really flies fast. 不知不觉中 it’s already evening and we left Marina Barrage to PS for some chill out session.

So that’s the end and I’m leaving you with a picture of us together!


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