15 Signs of Aging All Under Control + Giveaway

I am only 20 years old.
I am the younger sister,

But there are a lot of people saying that I looked like the elder sister. 😦
Besides having to deal with acne troubles, I have aging issues on my skin as well.

At the age of 25, anti-aging skincare products should be included in our daily skincare regime. Since I’m only 20 years old, I do not need them. But it’s also good to start anti-aging skincare early because nobody dislikes looking young!

So I was glad that I was invited to Loreal’s Blogger Party to find out more about anti-aging and the new product they are launching! (you will find out soon later)

Lunch was provided that afternoon. Sweet!

Here’s me. I looked “mature”.

If you’re 20-25 years old and someone paid you to try out Loreal’s anti-aging skincare – Revitalift, which is proudly endorsed by Gong Li, would you?

Of course not right?

Is it because it sounds like a product for older women?

Now what if they launch a new range of Revitalift, targeted for younger women like the one in the picture below?

Wahaha, now I got you!

Yes, I’m talking about Hebe Tien!
She is the new spokesperson for Loreal’s new Revitalift White range!

With their new Revitalift White, you can fight 15 signs of aging ALL-IN-ONE product:

Let’s see why is it so powerful! Check out the active ingredients that is presence in their products!

The highlight of the event is here!

Not camwhoring but the mirror! We were given materials to decorate the mirrors!
Art and Craft is always fun. 🙂

Take a look at what the other bloggers have created!
Guess which is mine?

Anyways, each of us lugged home a bag of their Revitalift White products home!
Introducing their Advanced Whitening Spot & Wrinkle Corrector Day Cream with SPF 18 and Essence!

The texture of the day cream reminds me of sunscreens. It feels non-greasy but a little thick.

Whereas their Essence feels lighter in terms of consistency!

– – –


Yup, so… I have yet to try on both products but you can help to try on the products because I’m giving away 3 sample size of Revitalift White Advanced Spot Corrector Day Cream!

What you can do to win:
Leave a comment and that’s it!

Ok, I think I really need anti-aging now. I’m getting old.


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