Sizzle like a salsa dancer!

I love watching ballroom dancing because it’s so entertaining and even a non dancing person could easily enjoy and know what are they watching!

So yes, Sis and I were at a Salsa competition organized by NTU students and I was invited by Hoyu for a makeover before the competition!

Sis trying out their leave on treatment which imo, is really awesome!

Love this picture I took for myself!

So anyway besides hair styling, they also helped me touch up my makeup. Kinda fail because I looked very ‘wayang’ after that! Felt more like a performer because the blush was so thick that I had to photoshop it away!

Here’s me with half done eye makeup:

Btw, did anyone noticed about my half swollen jawline? I had this really painful ulcer that caused my jaw to get swollen a few days ago. That was really horrible.

I was also very shocked that my Drama senior Feldy was there as well to give support to his friend!

Sis during her makeover!

We really looked kinda scary, aren’t we?

Sis’s hair! Looking so romantic and pretty!

Mine was err…. erm… I can’t even talk about. Hahaha~

Celeste was there was well! Everytime when we sees Celeste, our makeup always looked disastrous. LOL.

I love disco balls! So shiny and pretty! Wish I have one in my room. 😦

Sis with Celeste and her friend Jasmine!

Us with Rusty as well!

We were given this goodie bag with all their leave on treatment and hair wax inside! The wax was more for the guys but I used it anyway for the picnic event on my curls. It stays so well (even better than Liese hair cube wax)! Gave one of the wax to my colleague since he likes it so much!

So that’s all for now. Thank you Hoyu and Brandstory for inviting me to the Salsa competition. 🙂


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