Creation Cafe’s Spaghetti

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For creamy food lovers!
When it comes to eating pasta, I know many of you love to order creamy pasta and if you are one of them, better read on and see what I’m about to show you!

Creation Cafe is located in the Shaw Leisure Gallery, where all the good food are at!

When I got there, all the tables were full! But it was lucky for us to get a place since I was there for a food tasting session. 🙂

The Cream of Mushroom soup came as our first dish!

I don’t usually order creamy soup as I would prefer tomato or minestrone soup. I could taste bits of mushroom, not in solid chunks which was probably a little disappointing. However the soup was quite good, and it goes well with the garlic toast.

The second dish was the Carbonara, which many of the bloggers loved.

The Carbonara was very creamy and starchy, the ham and mushroom were very chewy. Personally I find it too creamy for my liking.

For people who doesn’t like creamy pasta (like me), you might want to try out their Seafood Spicy Crabmeat spaghetti!

Their seafood crabmeat is probably one of the least creamy spaghetti.

It tastes almost like chilli crab. It’s not too spicy either and I could taste a little sweetness in it as well. As for the crabmeat, I find it a little disappointing as it wasn’t really fresh.

Overall, I think it is quite value for money since you get meaty crabmeat!

The next spaghetti we tried was the Seafood Java Curry Sauce.

Creamy as usual, the spaghetti had a little bit of curry flavor in it. It wasn’t spicy at all, and it tastes more like sweet curries (like the Japanese ones).

The seafood were very fresh and the prawns were very chewy! Overall quite a tasty dish I would say!

The next dish looks about the same as the Java Curry one. But if you like pasta mixed with local flavors, why not try this Seafood Laksa Cream Sauce?

The laksa wasn’t that strong when it was in my mouth, but it quickly spreads and overpowered my throat when I swallowed! I would say it’s not very spicy as well, and very creamy.

For those who prefers rice to noodles, try their Mushroom Risotto!

Risotto is an Italian rice dish cooked in broth to a creamy consistency!

I’m a fan of mushroom and therefore I kind of like the overpowering taste of mushrooms in the risotto. However, the rice is a little towards the dry side.

We were also given some homemade cookies from The Wooden Spoon to try out!

The cookies were absolutely wonderful! It has a strong buttery smell that nobody can resist! I took it to my office for my colleagues to try out and they love it as well!

Just to digress a little since it’s the end of the post, I had my smokaye eye makeup on that day! 🙂

Creation Cafe is located at

100 Beach Road
Shaw Leisure Gallery

They have a set lunch deal which is only $9.90! It consists of a Main Course + Soup + Drink!

Will be back for more food posts since it’s Kai Kai and My birthday few days ago! Cyaaaaa~


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