October Birthday Celebration

I took so long to blog about my birthday! Was feeling so tired throughout these 2 weeks, hence the delay.

Well on Kai’s birthday which was 2 days before mine, we went to a Japanese restaurant for their buffet!

The best part of the dinner was not the main course but its dessert which was not in the menu. We spent $15 for three scoops of icecream but it was all worth it! Our favorite was the pomelo icecream sorbet (sadly, no picture for it because we ate it up before we realise it) and the Goma icecream! The matcha icecream was a little creamy.

Took this on our way home:

And on my birthday, my family and I went to Seafood Paradise in Bukit Panjang Plaza complex. The food was alright but its seafood was not too bad! I love their salted egg crab so much!

The crab was huuuugggeeee! When we were ordering the dishes, the waited kept insisting it’s not a large crab! 骗人咯!But anyway the meat was very fresh and juicy!

I’m drooling all over the place now (please take this with a pinch of salt). LOLOLOLOL.

I bought the black forest cake from a bakery in Takashimaya! I used to eat this for every birthday celebrations when I was young and I grew sick of it. HAHA.

Ending this with a family picture. 🙂


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