New Love!

Got them as my birthday gift and they changed me!

Ever since I started using BB Creams since 3 years ago, I didn’t even think I’d switch back to using liquid foundation. I thought liquid foundation is thick and daily application can somehow clog my pores even if I double or triple cleanse my face.

That’s not true.

I went on a search for a good foundation. IMO, it must be light weight and provides necessary coverage without being unnatural. I tried many of the high end brands such as Dior and the others but in the end Estee Lauder was the one that convinced me.

I am not saying the other brands suck. They were good but not light weight enough for me. Some brands like Kose (ugh) has too much yellow undertone to it.

So I got the Double Wear Light in 01 (lightest shade and it fits my skin tone really really well!). I would like to say that it’s very light weight and breathable. It provides light to medium coverage but it is very buildable. Application wise was a little difficult but a good primer makes application like a breeze. I find that using a foundation brush is quicker and better for me as it paints my face evenly.

For the loose powder, I’ve not tried on many other brand but I really love what I bought. The powder is very finely milled! When looking for a loose powder, I like it to be as translucent as possible. It should not also contain glitter because it’d all look too shimmery on my face!

I’m very satisfied with the buys. I think I’d get them again the next time. 🙂


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