Review: Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Range

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I blogged about Eucerin’s DermoPURIFYER last November, and this November, they have new products to add into this skincare line again!

Introducing the new Eucerin’s DermoPURIFYER Hydration Care, Active Night-Care and the Active Concentrate!

To be honest, I was very excited to try their new products (under care & correcting) as I was pretty impress with their cleansing & toning range!

Their new DermoPURIFYER aims to fight all 4 key factors of acne and these 4 factors are simply:

1. Excess Sebum
2. Formation of comedones (blackheads and whiteheads)
3. Inflammation
4. Abnormal growth of bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes)

The researchers at Eucerin has came up with an unique ingredient combination, which is currently going through patent-pending, to address these acne problems based on the severity of the skin’s condition:

Clinical studies have shown that there are visible improvements of acne with very good skin tolerability after 12 weeks of treatment:

But all is not achievable with great care of your skin. Besides the basic cleansing and toning, you also need moisturizers that can target your skin needs.

Their DermoPURIFYER Active Concentrate ($29.00) is an enhancer and should be used before moisturizing.

It is in a glass bottle and has a pump to effectively dispense the solution onto your hands without mess. A whitish watery liquid is being dispensed out.

IMO, it is very watery and had to wait awhile to let it completely dries off. I had 2 emerging zits and this active concentrates helps to reduce the size by each day. However, at the same time, I noticed more zits forming. So I still can’t decide if I like it or not. Boohoo 😦

In the day time, you will need a moisturizer that is hydrating to reduce the excess sebum produced. The DermoPURIFYER Hydrating Care ($25.90) seems to be the one taking care of this problem!

It is also in a pumped bottle, and it dispenses out a yellowish liquid. Not a fan of it as it looks kind of weird. I’m more of an appearance-wise person, therefore a clear bottle would be nice for me as I would like to know how much is left in the bottle.

During my first use of the product, I found 2 new zits on my cheeks at the end of the day and I quickly stopped using it.

In the night time, there’s a need to use another product which is probably stronger to effectively reduce blemishes while your skin cells regenerate. This is where the DermoPURIFYER Active Night Care ($25.90) comes into the picture:

This packaging is same as the creme gel, and you’ll have to squeeze out the product.

The DermoPURIFYER Active Night Care completely fails me in my opinion. I woke up looking like a grease pot!

My Overall Verdict: I’m not liking their new range. It probably works when used for a longer period of time but sadly, the first impression of their products failed me IMO. I have a preferred moisturizer to this.

If you wish to purchase, the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER range is available in Guardian, Watsons, Unity, Hospital Pharmacies and National Skin Centre.

A sample size of these products and a $3 voucher is available for redemption here if you wish to try it out before purchase!


One thought on “Review: Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Range

  1. Helen says:

    I highly doubt that one use of a moisturiser would lead to the two new spots you had at the end of the day – it is ridiculous to draw that link. The moisturiser has worked really well for me over the last 3 weeks. Dermatologists always say you need to use a product for at least 6 weeks before deciding how it works for your skin.

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