8 Months in Attempt to Fight Acne

As all of you know, acne came knocking on my door since March and I’ve been trying to fight it. I’ve tried loads of methods and now I think it’s time that I reveal to you the methods of fighting acne and how effective they really are.

Firstly I want to warn you tho… what I am about to post is a series of gross pictures of my acne problem. Click continue reading if you’re readyyyy~

I’ve been plagued by acne for quite sometime in the past, but all was under control through a medication called Oratane. In around mid-March, I tried a detoxifying essence and my acne flared up again. In April, the acne became full blown. Loads of clogged pores and zits started popping up.

Since April, I tried loads of methods to calm my skin. Changing cleansers, pimple creams, going for facials and etc… I kept a log on the products I’ve used and stops if anything happens during the period of usage.

1. Benzoyl Peroxide

In April – May, I used Benzoyl Peroxide (also known as BP) for my persistent acne problems.

BP is a very strong and effective medication for pimples and readily available over the counter. There are countless brands selling BP, such as Oxy and Neutrogena.

If you’re getting BP, make sure it states 5% strength to minimise irritation. Therefore, Oxy’s BP cannot be used.

Pros: Pimples heals fast with the help of BP, but face maybe red and itching if you have sensitive skin. During the period of BP, I replaced my usual moisturizer with Aloe Vera gel to sooth irritation.

Cons: Scars will darken through the use of BP, and it will not fade away unless you stop using.

2. Lemon Peel

From End May – Mid June, I tried Lemon Juice over the span of 2 weeks and in August as well. It works like a chemical peel except that it is less harsh and can be applied almost daily. Basically, the citric acid in lemon strips off the surface layer of the skin, which allows new skin to grow over the next few days.

Pros: Whitening, smoothing and reduces acne.

Cons: Face will be very sensitive and should avoid sunlight after application. Peeling occurs and therefore proper moisturizing should be used.

3. Facial Treatments

I’ve tried a number of facials over the span of 4 months from April to August, in which some worked and some didn’t.

Facials work by extracting the zits to improve your skin’s condition. The beautician will customize your treatment based on your skin type and condition.

So far, I’ve tried very basic facial, sparkling peel by Adonis (mid June) and ATP-38 light therapy treatment. IMO, Sparkling peel somehow made my skin looked worse (see June picture. It’s taken during the series of Adonis treatment).

My favorite is still the basic facial treatment which both my sister and I frequent.

4. Yasmin

On 18 July, I went on the pill as prescribed by my doctor after I went for a checkup for hormonal imbalance.

Besides working as a contraceptive pill, Yasmin can also be used for females with hormonal imbalance, heavy, painful or irregular periods.

Besides that my irregular periods have been normalized, my skin condition also gets better and now what’s left are the faint acne marks. I also get less mood swings and able to curb my abnormal PMS cravings most of the time. On the whole I’m a much happier person!

During the time from September till now, I’ve also been using a really awesome pimple cream from La Roche Posay recommended by my sis.

Pros: Reduces pimple size by drying the pimple (duh!)

Cons: Though it’s gentle, it is a little on the drying side, so use with caution.

I hope that this post helps everyone who is currently dealing with acne problems.


19 thoughts on “8 Months in Attempt to Fight Acne

  1. wow, your skin really improves a lot! the acne scars just lighten naturally without any help from products?

    • Hi Wendy, thanks for your comments! Yes, acne scars (they are actually not scars, just hyper pigmentation which they are called pseudo scars. Scars would be the holes left after a serious outbreak) do lighten up without any help from products. The usual time takes about 4 to 6 months, and can go up to 2 years.

      • oh, i didnt know that haha. i always thought the hyper pigmentation on my cheeks were acne scars. hehe. no products can help to lighten it despite what they claim?

      • Very few products on the market can help speed up the process without breaking out. What I did usually is to do whitening mask 2 times a week. My sis finds Loreal’s White Perfect serum (the one Hebe endorsed) good for spot pigmentation. I have a friend who uses a citric acid serum purchased from a dermatologist to lighten scars. Alternatively, you can also try going for chemical peels. It helps to lighten scars and smooth skin by removing the surface layer of our skin. You may want to do some research abt that.

      • thank you for your reply 🙂 you are really helpful. i was initially using rose hip oil and Egyptian magic cream to improve my face condition. but i dont know why, somehow i stopped using it. my friends said my face now is a miracle (compared to the past) but i dont know if its due to both rose hip oil and magic cream since i used quite a number of products after them.

    • When I ate Oratane 2 years ago, I actually went to a doc who had a cert for dermatology. I wrote a post on it before (you can find the post in the sidebar).

      As for Yasmin, I didn’t eat it for the sake of improving my acne condition. I was referred to KK hosp as I was going thru a very bad hormonal change and therefore had to eat that to control and improve my condition. Reducing zits and pimples are just part of the good side effects you get from having a balanced hormones. Hope this helps you.

      • thanks babe.

        i’m having a really bad acne breakout for the past few years and im really at a loss of what to do. dermatologist is my last option cos im still a poor student. do you think i can consult a GP for skin problems?

      • A GP will only refer you to the skin care centre as they are not certified to treat your skin. I’m not sure if subsidies at the skin clinic will be given if you’re referred by the polyclinic. For my case, I was subsidised for my visit in KK hosp as I went to the polyclinic first.

        You might want to wait for a few more years if you’re still below 20 years old. It’s perfectly normal to go thru hormonal changes and would be alright after that. Just remember not to squeeze the zit and use a facial routine to keep your face clean.

  2. Very interesting post 🙂 I’ve also suffered from acne in the past even though it’s gone now I get an ocassional pimple. The hardest thing for me is dealing with post acne marks. I like the lemon peel you mention. But How often should it be done to see results?? I want to give it a try. 

    • Yulia, lemon peel can be done daily but all have to depend on the skin’s sensitivity. Imo, it’s best to do it 2 to 3 times a week, with time for rest in between each application so that the skin cells can have time to regenerate themselves.

      • Thanks 🙂 I will give it a try and see how it works since I want to try something natural to lighten my post acne marks instead of using other chemicals. Nice blog too 🙂

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  4. hello there!

    i’m also battling bad skin and it makes me so depressed. 😦 on and off for almost 2 years now and it’s painful(literally and mentally)

    for yasmin, do you still take it every day or stopped after condition became better?
    it is quite costly to go for a consultation every month just for the supply…

    • Hey!
      I stopped taking yasmin since the start of January because unfortunately I developed some side effects. I would really suggest you speaking to your doctor to see if you need to be on the pill. If you are just going to be on the pill for acne problems instead of hormonal changes, then it would not be really advisable. 🙂

      • hi! I’m thinking of taking yasmin for acne too….may I know what are the side effects you experienced?

      • After a few months after I took yasmin, I did experienced gastric pain that lasted everyday for a week. My doc told me to stop the pill because we are unsure if the pain was the side effect of yasmin.

  5. I’m 37 and still fight acne. I’ve decided to try it after unsuccessfully using creme ancienne, and every acne cream on the market, with prices from $10 to $300 per piece. My skin is sensitive, breaks out weekly, and used to have acne marks, scars, brown and reddish. Quite nasty. After using Shielo’s Complexion Scrub, my skin healed, looks pink and healthy, my breakouts are minimal – it even prevents them. No scars, marks, no irritated skin.

    The Shielo Complexion Moisturizer is phenomenal as well! But the scrub is excellent for my acne.

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