I must be crazy enough to get all these

One thing I realised when it comes to shopping for shirts, shoes, bags, gadgets & etc.

I have a soft spot for uncommon/weird items.

I own 5 shirts from this store called Revoltage because I have never seen anyone wearing their shirts before. It is also because back then their style totally fits me.

I own 2 pairs of handcrafted heels from Madame-H. It was just one pair previously (bf bought it for me for our 1st year)  but I bought another pair last Friday. It was $162 (after a 35% discount!!!) but sooooo soooo comfy!

I also bought my boyfriend a pair of leather shoes from the same store so now we have 2 pairs of shoes from that store each.

And just now… my boyfriend made a purchase for a watch as our 2nd Year anniversary gift cos I like that funky design. Initially I wanted to pay for it myself but my bf offered to buy it for me as a gift. WTF I must be crazy laaaaa!

But it’s too cool for me to resist!
(Watch can be found here!)

But it maybe the work stress that turned me to retail therapy… in a very bad way. I need to stop buying all these expensive things.


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