Oversea Restaurant Food Tasting Part II: 家常菜

The reason why I named this post 家常菜 is because the dishes this time round were less special but ideal for a nice dinner with your family! Previously I blogged about their food before as well so go read it here!

Ok I have to admit something before I started my post. I went late for the event (Sorry Elfaine!) and I don’t know some of the names of the food I ate.

But I tried my best to piece them together already ok!

Crispy Pork and Bitter gourd 凉瓜炒爽肉
S$9.80 (Small)

I love bittergourd in soups but I dread eating them stir fried. Their bittergourd was very crispy and does not taste bitter.

Egg Plant and Diced Prawn 伊班茄子
S$9.80 (Small)

Not my favorite dish. However the eggplant was surprisingly soft and not too salty.

Fried Chilli Paste Roll 辣子鱼滑
S$9.80 (Small)

Oh the chilli tasted like chilli crab’s sauce! I like it! The paste roll tastes like fish paste, and it’s very springy. Yumms~

Yong Tau Foo Soup 鱼汤让四宝
S$10.80 (Small)

As seen in the chinese text, the Yong Tau Foo soup base is fish soup. I like the soup base as it is light and does not taste of MSG. The ingredients in the soup can be eaten alone or with the soup.

Wantan and Pineapple 菠萝云吞
S$12.80 (Small)

The wanton is fried first before stir frying with tomatoes and other ingredients. It tastes sweet and a little sour, like the sweet and sour pork I used to eat. Very appetizing.

Stringbean Mincemeat 肉碎桂豆苗
S$12.80 (Small)

I personally find that cooking vegetables is the most challenging task. The challenge lies in the greens must not lose its crispiness after cooking with sauces. This I feel, is a must eat because the string beans are very crunchy and it goes very well with the mincemeat.

Beancurd meatball 肉丸豆腐煲
S$12.80 (Small)

I can’t really remember how this tastes like exactly, so…. go try it yourself.


What’s going to Oversea Restaurant without eating their speciality char siew?

The operations manager specially ordered for us the char siew! I still love how it melts in my mouth. The reason why the color differs lies in the ingredients used for marination.

We also ate this dish called Soft Bones Pork in Claypot!

This is their newest dish, yet to be released! Soft bones pork are always love because I dislike eating meat with bones in it. It is nicely stewed in claypot. Yumz~

Lastly, for dessert: 珍珠雷沙汤丸!

If you love Japanese mochi, you will definitely like this. It tastes like chinese flour rice balls we eat during 冬至 and the peanuts definitely adds texture to what you’re eating.

Ok that’s all about it!

Oversea Restaurant has a website now so go take it look here!

Oversea Restaurant
No. 100 Beach Road, #01-27 to #01-37,
Shaw Leisure Gallery, Shaw Tower
Tel: 6294 2638


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