Hydrogel Masks from TNL

Sponsored Review

Hydrogel masks sounds like something new in the drugstore’s beauty counters!

Hydrogels are water insoluble, and can hold 99% water content. The most common use of hydrogel is as the scaffolds of tissue engineering and able to sense environmental changes such as PH levels and temperature. (Your contact lenses are made from hydrogels)

So TSS sent me 5 packs of Hydrogel masks for review, namely Wrinkle-free, Gold Power, Slim V, Bright & Clear and Snail Charm.

SNAILS?! At first I thought snail charm was just a name that they used, but never thought that it’s also made from snails…

This mask is actually made from the secretion of the snail, because the secretion that snails produced are able to rejuvenate cells, protects skin from free radicals, sun radiation and abrasions. The power of this small animal. O.O

Let’s start with the negative points first, because good things can come later.

The mask is actually made up of 2 parts, which doesn’t fit well in some part of my face. See what I meant here:

The mask was a tad dry, which makes it difficult to adhere to the skin. Throughout the 40 minutes of application, it became even more difficult for the mask to adhere to the skin as most of the essence would have been absorbed by my skin. -.-

Plus the application timing was 40 minutes, too long don’t you think?

The essence was easily absorbed and I could feel that my skin became smoother and radiant.

I also like it that it doesn’t make my face breakout, so it means it’s safe for sensitive skin users!

I think that this is a type of mask good to buy for your girl-friends, but please get the exotic types like Gold Power (made from Caviar and Salmon Roes) and Snail Charm.

Overall, good enough to try out! I wouldn’t mind buying it!

You might want to redeem the hydrogel mask sample here before getting them in Watsons!


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