Thai food for Xmas!

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I was at Ah Loy Thai Restaurant with several other bloggers this afternoon thanks to TSS invitation!

The interior decor of Ah Loy Thai was very cosy and every detail of the shop from lights, photos on the walls, to chairs and tables were very intricate. Definitely reflected the fine details of Thailand’s architecture yet keeping it simple and contemporary.

As there were alot of food served that day, I can’t possible tell you the taste of each and every dish served so I’ll just mention my faves!

1. Traditional Thai Milk Tea – $2.00

Their popular drinks are namely the Home Made Lemon Grass drink and Traditional Thai Milk Tea, which I ordered the latter to try.

The milk tea is different from the usual milk teas I drank before and I like the taste of it. The first glass I had was a tad sweeter than the second one.

2. Papaya Salad – $5.30

I’ve tried Thai Mango Salad before but not Papaya salad. Like the Thai Mango Salad, it is very crunchy, sour yet with a tinge of spiciness in it. Great for appetizers and in between food where you would want to refresh your taste buds a little. 🙂

3. Fried Butter Calamari – $7.50

After something sour/spicy, you might wanna try these sweet buttery calamari rings. The taste is very similar to the cereal prawns but it’s less dry. Even though these calamari rings were fried, it is crunchy but chewy.

4. Thai Mango Crispy Chicken – $7.50This dish is not that fantastic and a must-try in their menu, but the meat is quite tender.

5. Thai Green Curry – $6.50

Green curry is very common in Thai food other than tom yum curry. Ah Loy Thai’s green curry is sweet and has a little spiciness to it (though their Tom Yum curry is obviously spicier than this).

6. Pineapple Fried Rice – $5.90
I always love fried rice and I guess they have one of the better fried rice I’ve tasted. Lady Iron Chef once recommended their fried rice here so perhaps you can read about it.

7. Thai Pandan Chicken – $9.00

One of Ah Loy Thai’s specialty as well. You might think that this dish looks messy as you have to remove the pandan leaf, well you don’t have to. This is recommended for people who are looking for non-spicy food in Thai cuisine. The meat is very tender and sweet, which I believe the sweetness is attributed to the sugar used (hence the charred appearance).

8. Tom Yum Fried Rice – $6.90This is the chef’s specialty and is only available from 3pm to 6pm. Even though it is called Tom Yum fried rice, it is not spicy at all. The taste is much more fragrant than the pineapple fried rice. Don’t get me wrong, both are good but I can’t decide which is a better one! If you prefer something stronger in taste, you might want to order this.

The ones I’ve listed above are just some of the food I’ve tasted today. Below are all the others not reviewed but I will still list them out in case you are interested.

1. Tom Yum Seafood Soup – $6.90
2. Thai Garlic Pork – $6.90
3. Thai Style Fish Clear Soup (Non-spicy) – $6.00
4. Thai Lemon Grass Steam Fish – $13.50
5. Thai Fried Kuoteow (Phad Thai) – $5.90
6. Fried Sweet Potato Leaf (Spicy/ Non Spicy) – $4.50
7. Stir Fried Basil Leaf with Pork – $5.80
8. Fried Kailan (Spicy/ Non Spicy) – $4.50
9. Thai Lemon Fish (New!) – $13.50
10. Thai Black Pepper Crispy Fish (New!) – $14.50
11. Stir Fried Basil Leaf with Chicken – $5.80
12. Thai Crispy Spicy Sauce Fish – $12.00

The food served were definitely delicious and in generous amount. I love how their managed to whip up all the dishes and serve them so quickly! There is really no time for chit chats as we were all so busy taking photos!

SEE! So chaotic!

But I also managed to take a picture with Yvonne and Jermaine respectively after the chaos.

And now I shall end this food post with a group shot of us girls!

If you’re tearing your hair out wondering where to take your friends out for food this Christmas, perhaps you can drop by Ah Loy Thai Restaurant. 🙂

Ah Loy Thai Restaurant is located at:
100 Beach Road
#01-39/40 Shaw Tower Singapore
Tel: +65 9165 1543


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