Treat yourself to a good spa massage

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Christmas has passed and a new year is coming soon! To prep for the new year, why not relax and treat yourself to a good massage at Beyond Beauty?

I tried out their signature Red Wine + Ginger massage at their Orchard Central branch 3 weeks ago!

Red wine and ginger harvest the benefits of Resveratorl, an “anti-oxidant” found in them. This massage is good for those who spent long hours sitting down infront of computers, experience bloating and indigestion, hangover sufferers and those who love to be pampered! Since it was a work day for me, I find this massage to be totally relaxing and comfortable.

The room was very nicely decorated and dim lit, which I believe the setting of the place is one key area to let people relax.

And if you ever wondered what’s that cup of liquid on the sink, it is the red wine and ginger concoction used for the massage.

The smell of the concoction smells like… a traditional cantonese/hakka dish called “鸡酒” (Chicken Meat in Rice Wine and Ginger). So imagine I smell like this marinated chicken waiting to be slaughtered for the whole day.

The masseuse was experienced and overall the service was very good. I didn’t sleep through because it was a little painful but I was able to relax my stressed self. The whole session lasted about 60 minutes, starting from the back, calf muscles, thigh muscles, arms, fingers and to the tummy.

After the massage, it is advised that I should not take in cold drinks for 2 hours and bathe only after that.

You would only need $200 (without gst) to treat yourself to this massage. If you’re feeling good about spending that day, there is a extended 90 Minutes version which costs $250 (without gst).

Beyond Beauty is located at:
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road


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