QPX Permanent Hair Removal

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I was invited to Only Aesthetics to try out their QPX Permanent Hair Removal service at their new branch in Singapore Shopping Centre!

They already have one branch in the same mall but recently they moved up to a bigger space!

ONLYaesthetics™ @ Dhoby Ghaut
190 Clemenceau Ave
Singapore Shopping Centre #05-03
Tel: 6338 4434

It’s very difficult to miss this unique table in their shop:

I was there for the underarm hair removal but I also tried their Full Brazilian and since I paid for the Brazilian service, I’m not reviewing it in this post.

Here’s me getting ready! I kinda of like my eyebrows that day, very well drawn. 🙂

The machine that zaps all the hair follicles:

So until this point, you might ask, “What is QPX?”

QPX stands for Quad Pneumatic technology. It is similar to conventional IPL, but they are using lower energy to provide higher clinical performance. The only difference between IPL and QPX technology is that QPX is able to treat all skin types without the possibility of causing burn to darker skin tone.

The steps to hair removal using QPX is similar to IPL. First they will put a cooling gel on the area and use that machine to zap zap zap, much like the photo below:

And oh, did I mention that QPX Hair Removal is absolutely painless? 🙂

After the treatment, I realised that hair grows back about 30% and very very slowly. Now I shave only once per week. Heh. This is totally a good news for me as I have very sensitive skin, shaving daily is a painful thing to me. 😦

Permanent hair removal will only come true if you have treatments 4 to 5 times and above. The results varies for individuals.

They are having a promotion right now but please call to check the dateline for the promotion!

Underarms: S$140.80
Full Brazilian: S$646.80
Brazilian: S$756.80


6 thoughts on “QPX Permanent Hair Removal

  1. did you go for the whitening package???cause im actually looking for their website but cant found anything.

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  3. hi im wondering if the full Brazilian is good? has your hairs stopped growing? isit effective? can let me know personally please? im also thinking of signing the package.

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