Black Tea Quench Mask

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I’m a sucker for sweet beverages, but there’s one drink that I love the most and I can drink it everyday:

A nice cup of black tea!
Whether or not it’s Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea, I can drink a pot of tea anytime.

Tea helps to replenish fluids in our body and in a recent study by The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, tea is actually healthier than plain water.


Since tea is good for our body, it is definitely good for our face right? So recently I gave this Black Tea Quench Mask from Enavose a try!

Enavose is a Swiss-made premium beauty brand.

What is awesome about this new brand is that it does not contain:

– No Mineral Oils
– No animal testing
– No allergenic fragrances

The Black Tea Quench mask claims to revitalises dull skin in just 15 minutes, however hydration lasts all week long due to its encapsulation technology that allows time-release of hydration into our skin.

The unique feature of this product is that it is encased in a jar with an airless mechanism!

This mechanism ensures freshness and minimum contaminants as you do not have to use fingers or spatula to access the product. And since it’s using this pump mechanism to dispense the product, each dosage is carefully measured to prevent wastage! How thoughtful!

I guess this product is also good for traveling use as I don’t have to worry about spillage. 😀

I find that the product is very easily absorbed into the skin! And after washing off the product, my skin feels softer and suppler!

If you are interested in the product, it is now retailing at $35 (original price: $59.50). Promotion ends 4th March 2012. You may want to visit their concept store at Suntec City:

Suntec City Mall, Tower 3

They also have a beauty counter in Tangs at Vivocity Beauty Hall!

Good Stuff
Enavose is having a facebook contest for you readers!

Just answer 5 questions related to Enavose to participate in this contest! Participants with the highest number of mutual friends with Enavose will win a set of products worth $140! Psssst, all entries are entitled to a 20% Enavose voucher. It’s a win-win situation here, no harm clicking the button below!


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