Like a Piece of my Heart

Recently I purchased Shimona Kee’s debut album “Simply Shimona”! Came across Shimona Kee during SBA 2011 when she did a live solo performance and I was captivated by her voice.

This song Like a Piece of my Heart is my latest earworm.

Have you ever left a place or a person and felt like your heart was literally incomplete after?
I guess that’s where the idea of “missing” someone comes from.

The lyrics say it all.

Shadows chase me when I sleep
will they find me when I weep?
Don’t always have the words to say
how I’m feeling anyway…

Cuz I miss you
like a piece of my heart
has fallen out
and left me in the dark,
I think of you
when the rain falls down
and the smell of raindrops
spin me round and round.

It’s quiet now at 3am.
Not a soul around the bend.
I close my eyes imagining
love is once more happening…


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