The V-Zone

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How well do you know about your V-Zone?

About 15 types of (good) bacteria lives in our intimate area. As the v-zone is naturally acidic (PH level 3.5 to 5.5), we need to clean our V-Zon regularly to maintain its natural PH levels. Ah, you might argue that the vagina cleanses itself internally. Well it is true, but the vulva still needs to be cleansed to inhibit growth of unwanted bacteria and prevent infection.

I guess as females, all of us by now should have already heard of feminine wash/wipes right? But how many actually uses it?

Personally I uses the feminine wipes but not the feminine wash because I thought using regular shower gel will do the job… opps.

(You see, I’m not born to be a beauty bible. I just got to know more when researching for materials on this topic. Heh.)

So anyway, why do we need to use feminine wash?

Regular soap or shower gels are alkaline and therefore they tip the scales of the PH levels of the V-Zone. This is not good news as we need to keep the vagina acidic to prevent infection instead of a neutral PH level.

Frequent use of these scented soap or body wash also causes irritation to the vulva and causes the intimate area to be dry or break out in rashes.

Other factors that disturbs the natural PH levels of our V-Zone are:

  • menstruation, pregnancy, menopause
  • oral contraception, antibiotics
  • sperm
  • diabetes
  • tampons, pantyliners, synthetic underwear, tight clothing…

Lactacyd contains natural active ingredients (milk extracts) such as lactic acid, which is found naturally in the body to protect the intimate area. I love it because It is so gentle and it ensures effective cleansing to protect us against infections and mal odours!

While the feminine wash can only help protect our intimate area when we shower, we need feminine wipes for on-the-go cleansing. You know how dirty the toilet seats are and the public toilet becomes a place for bacteria to grow!

There is a quality seal to ensure freshness of the feminine wipes.

The feminine wipes are like wet tissues, but they are so much gentler as they do not contain harsh chemicals found in soap! I also love it because they are small and you can just slip into your cosmetic pouch, perfect for travelling as well. 😀

As the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”.
Therefore it is always better to purchase feminine wash and start caring for your V-Zone before you spend a huge sum of money to get infections treated!

Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash:
150ml – $6.90
250ml – $11.90

Lactacyd® Daily Feminine Wipes (3 packs of 10 sheets) – $4.95

(Available FairPrice, Guardian, Unity Pharmacy and Watsons.)

Alternatively, you can click here to play their facebook application to receive a free trial kit!


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