Dearest ones,

I was an intern here 2 years ago, and it was my first ever job:

Photo Courtesy of Mae

Coming back here 2 years later, this is my first proper job though it lasted for only 9 months and I was a contract worker.

But you know what made me came back?


Leaving this place after 9 months, do you know what will I miss the most?


I will miss the rollercoaster rides, the amount of laughter brought by Zani…

Zani, you really reminds me of my father sometimes, in a good way of course because he is as crazy as you!

I will miss Pepper calling me “妹妹~”…

I will miss my dearest friend Patricia and the gatherings she planned for the branch…
and I will remember our spontaneous Karaoke + movie outing and the play 《老处女》 we watched in Lasalle!

Photo Courtesy of Chong Ji
(And one more photo of me being a human bowling ball)

Though Jason you left just 2 months before me, I should include you as you are part of this whole clique. Without you sometimes I feel the clique is somewhat incomplete. 😛

I will also miss Yn Sheao’s laughter… 很有感染力!
(Funny how I never ever took a picture with you :()

Not forgetting Voon’s desktop wallpaper from 2 years ago and Leng Hiong calling me “阿飘”!

Thank you all for watching me grow, especially Zani, Jason, Yn Sheao and Voon, who saw me when I was still that short hair girl 2 years ago.

You guys made work life so much bearable and happier because all of you are a cheery bunch of people. 😀

Lastly, dearest ones, live life fully and experience life. Don’t rush, take your time to walk and appreciate your surrounding things every single day. Don’t conform to the norm and be trapped by your comfort zone. Step out of it once in awhile to view things in a different perspective. Live in the moment, remember to always breathe and say, “The present moment is a wonderful moment.”.

I will see you guys soon. 😀


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