Jenny’s 21st Birthday Celebration

It was Jenny’s 21st birthday celebration last Saturday!

Alot of people couldn’t recognise me after I cut my fringe. Some says I looked like my sister haha! Optical illusion!

I kinda like my bangs. 😉

Ya know we had a sleepover and before that we were doing facial masks and getting Jenny to unwrap her presents!

Jenny was also very sweet to prepare goodie bags for the each of us, inside is a card inside and some cutesy stuff.

I also brought my girls some masks and other goodies for them to try! Good things must share! I also bought lip glosses and mascara for them too. 😀

The 3 of us geh-siao, pretending to be asleep while Jenny unwraps her presents. But seriously though, it was like near 3am in the morning and all of us were indeed very tired and sleepy… LOL.

I totally look forward to the next celebration when the next girl in my clique turns 21!


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