FAQ for Troubled Skin

I’ve received comments and e-mails from readers who have troubled skin, asking about treatments for acne and lightening of scars.

As someone who is not born with beautiful skin, I know how hard it is to engage in a long time war with acne. I’ve blogged about it before and you may want to read them first before continuing with this blog post: (Do get a cuppa hot tea, sit down comfortably and slowly digest this post ;))

  1. 8 Months Acne Study
  2. How to choose products wisely
  3. Tips for acne sufferers

It doesn’t mean that I have damn awesome skin now. I don’t. Occasionally I still do get really bad breakouts but because I found the way to treat them, they heal rather fast now.

But first you need to get things right: Do you want to treat acne or do you want to lighten the scars?

Treatment of acne should be separated from scars lightening. This is because the items you use for lightening may aggravate your acne problem.

Acne Treatment

My way of treating acne is rather harsh as these methods works the best for me.

For an emerging zit, you can try using ice to soothe the spot for a few minutes. Do this few times a day.

For clogged pores and zits with pus, I do recommend you to go for a facial to extract all the clogged pores before they turn into pimples. Zits with pus are inflamed and needs to be extracted to heal.

Scars Lightening

Scars lighten on their own, without any use of any products. They usually takes about a few months to a year to fade. Of course using lightening products does helps, but do not use the product to go over areas which are clogged.

The most effective way to reduce pigmentation is using lemon juice. I’ve blogged about it here.

L’oreal’s Revitalift White Spot Corrector does pretty good job in speeding up the lightening process.

Concealing of scars/zits

If you want to hide the scars and zits, you can. Doing it the correct way does not clog pores and will not aggravate the condition of your skin.

My trick to do this is to apply a layer of pimple gel over the troubled areas so they act as a protective layer. Then you can use your concealer and dab on the zits to cover it up.

Alternatively, there are some concealers that heals acne at the same time in the market. Personally I’ve not tried those before so I won’t say much about it.


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