Color Explosion Night by L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics

If you haven’t already realised, L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics finally launched their new Color Infaillible Collection in Singapore!

So how can I reject L’Oreal Singapore’s blogger invite to their eyeshadow collection launch?

Now if you’re looking for a pigmented eyeshadow color that has 24-hour long lasting hold, doesn’t crease and yet resistant to water, then the Color Infaillible collection might be what you’re looking for.

From left to right:

1st Row: Hourglass Beige, Forever Pink, Flashback Silver, Endless Chocolat
2nd Row: All Night Blue, Permanent Kaki, Purple Obsession, Eternal Black
The new Color Infaillible formula also withstands up to the average woman’s 11,000 blinks per day as well as to rubbing! Now you can finally wear eyeshadow to the beach! 😛

Here’s the swatch to prove the colors’ intensity:

Left to Right: Flashback Silver, Forever Pink, Hourglass Beige, Endless Chocolat, Eternal Black, Permanent Kaki, Purple Obsession, All Night Blue

I looooooooove the eyeshadow because they are so velvety and soft upon touch!

Personally love the cream eyeshadow for smoother application but they tend to slide and doesn’t last as long as a powder eyeshadow. What I like about Infaillible Color is their formula that lies between a powder and a cream, so you get both the intensity and lasting hold of the color on your eyes. 😀

Here’s a makeup demostration using the Color Infaillible collection by MUA Joy (

I’m seriously loving the pink eyeshadow because it matches so well with Asian skin tone!

We also had some fun applying their eyeshadow on a textured paper!

Pikchas time!

I had a hard time picking my favourite colors from the lot, because I do love the pink, the silver (it has this lovely lavender hue to it) and the black! Ultimately black is my chosen color because yes, I do feel that my personality matches with this color. It is a very intense color, mysterious and compliments my skin very well. 😀

Here is a contest for you, my readers!

Send in a photo of you wearing the Color Infaillible Eyeshadow in Eternal Black to me at before 13th May and I’ll send in the entries to L’Oreal Paris! A winner will be chosen on 16th May on their Facebook page!

The Color Infaillible Eyeshadow are retailing for $14.90. Go buy one now!


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