L’Oreal White Perfect Laser + Contest!


Look for the magical word in the following blogs below, UNSCRAMBLE the phrase and win a Youth Code Essence worth $39.90 from L’Oreal!

Magical Word: WHITE

Do the following below to win the product:
1. Visit Tiffany, Min Ru, Carol and Tricia‘s blog for the magical words
2. Unscramble them to form a phrase
3. Email the correct phrase to kaw@sg.loreal.com

Contest ends on 15th June 2012.

– – –

So I thought I would also share with you the latest product from L’Oreal!

I attended L’Oreal’s White Perfect Laser product launch last Wednesday held in SOHO Coffee, a nice cozy cafe in Armenian Street.

There are tons of whitening products which is 2x, 4x more effective than the other whitening products out in the market. While these products make comparisons with the other similar ones, none actually dares to challenge the laser treatments.

L’Oreal Paris is actually the first brand which does such a claim – 68% more powerful than IPL treatments.

IPL, short for Intense Pulsed Light, is a type of skin treatment which emits high light energy into our skin to produce collagen and elastin. This treatment is a process called photo rejuvenation which gives you a firmer, younger looking skin and a more uniform complexion.

However, each IPL session costs more than $300 and therefore not very affordable. L’Oreal’s new White Perfect Laser range hopes to deliver the same result at a much cheaper price.

In a clinical test performed on 85 women, the results have shown that using White Perfect Laser in the span of 8 weeks is equivalent to 1 IPL treatment.

The only difference spotted was that 85 women using White Perfect Laser spotted 35.8% more radiance than 22% radiance of those who did IPL treatment.

In this range are 2 important skincare products: The Anti-Spot Whitening Essence and the Day Moisturizer.

Step 1: Anti-Spot Whitening Essence – for spot lightening

Contains Ellagic Acid, an antioxidant found in many fruits and vegetables, to prevent melanin darkening.

When I tried on it, it doesn’t feels heavy like it will clog my pores on first swatch.

Step 2: Day Moisturizer with SPF 19 PA+++

Contains SPF 19 PA+++ to prevent UVA and UVB from darkening your skin.

Usually moisturizers that contains SPF are rather thick, creamy and heavy, but this feels light on my skin on first swatch.

If your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF, make sure you wear a sunscreen because exposure to UV rays will result in…


All of us tried shining the UV light onto this apparent flawless photo and the sun spots appeared after a few minutes later! No idea how they did this but apparently this is so cool la! I don’t mean that the sun spots are cool. Sun spots are UNCOOL.

They also invited a MUA and did an “aging” makeup on June. Yes, you can look young with makeup but you can also look old in it.

We also had loads of food there!

Picture with Min Ru 😀

And lastly, ending a picture with a group shot of us by ZX Workshop. 🙂

I will be trying out their amazing products soon and will do a blog post if I like it. 😉

Meanwhile if you are keen to try it out, L’Oreal White Perfect Laser will be available in stores from 17th May 2012 onwards, retailing at $39.90 (essence) and $32.90 (moisturizer) each.

** Invite only event. Products are sponsored by L’Oreal Paris.


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