Still a Work in Progress



Through Peng’s recommendation I got to know this excellent director Jalyn Han, and these 3 months spent on this production I also got to know a new bunch of amazing people from all walks of life.

I recalled myself being very meticulous and clear headed back in the drama days but after 4 years not doing anything theatre related, I think I’m still in the period of adjustment.

I feel that this production is an actual start of the journey I’m walking. Every rehearsal seemed like attending drama class and learning skills again from scratch. I considered this production my virgin work and I’m so grateful to meet an excellent production team who would tolerate me being a nervous wreck. 谢谢你们帮我善后了!

It is hard work but I truly enjoy every moment of it. It has really re-ignite my passion for theatre.

Reading back what I just typed, I don’t know if I made any sense. I feel like I’m in a trance state right now, and all my thoughts are jumbled up.

Hopefully I will get to work with these amazing people again.



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