Heroine Make Princess Ball Event

This is a long overdue post as I was so busy few weeks ago and didn’t have time to sit down and write a post about this!

Pior to this event, I received an invitation card with a stalk of rose from Heroine Make to their event!

So sweet of them right?

To experience this fairytale dream of every girl, of course I have to turn up for this super sincere invitation…

They even prepared bracelets with our initial for everyone of us!

Cosmetics for our eyes to enhance the windows of our soul, that includes double eyelid stickers, mascara, eyelash curler, eyeliner and etc…

A little background information of Heroine Make…

“Heroine Make is a nod to the impeccably pulled together protagonists of Japanese dramas, with faultless eye makeup in even the most intense scenes.”

The brand believes that every woman should be the leading lady (heroine) in her own life and should totally look the part.

I too want to be the heroine in my life!

I went to the event with zero eye makeup so that I can test out their cosmetics for you!

With Jermaine!

And with sis!

Heroine Make was founded in 1825 by Isehan Group, one of the first cosmetic brands in Japan. The company started it all by selling the first Japanese lipstick “Beni”, made from safflower.

Isehan has since evolved to offer a lot more Japanese drugstore brands which includes Heroine Make.

So here’s how my eyes looked after transformation!

Products used: Smooth liquid eyeliner ($18.90), Long & Curl Mascara ($21.90), Volume & Curl mascara ($21.90), Impact Frame & Curl mascara ($23.90) and Make Proof eye tape ($16.90) on my right eye.

In 2009 and 2010, their long & curl mascara was voted the no.1 mascara in Japan by Cosme.

In April 2012, Heroine Make updated the mascara with a new formula that promises 120% longer lashes and 130% more volume than its original formula!

The long & curl mascara also happened to be my favorite mascara out of the 3 due to the super lasting curling power that can really last for the entire day. After the event, I went to have a picnic with my girls at Marina Barrage and my makeup didn’t even smudge at all!

I also love the eyeliner! The brush is super thin and doesn’t smudge at all!

Here’s all of us with 迷死人的电眼:

Do I looked more energetic with the eye make up on?

More photos:

With Melissa and their brand ambassador Himeko Elizabeth!

Lastly, check out their Facebook page here!


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