Sunplay 130 SPF PA+++ Super Block

Sponsored Review

The Sunplay 130 SPF PA+++ Super Block comes back with a new Solarex-3 technology for an ultimate protection against the harmful UVA and UVB!

I have blogged about it before (read all about it here) and this time round I’m here to introduce to you its new formulation.

Emerged as the winner of 2012’s Woman’s Weekly Best Beauty Buys, the new Sunplay SPF has a new Solarex-3 technology offers you intense hydration, anti-aging and superior Photo-stability (to prevent from getting sunburnt).

The most interesting point is that Sunplay added Hyaluronic Acid into the formulation which hydrates and locks-in moisture on skin. Which sun block have you heard that has Hyaluronic Acid in it?

It also has no colorants, therefore having a lower chance of getting irritated for sensitive users. It is also non-comedogenic, super water & sweat proof therefore ideal for long hours of water and outdoor activities.

With such high SPF, there is no need for reapplication every one or two hours and therefore eliminates the hassle!

It also has a new innovative watery liquid formulation, which your skin doesn’t turn sticky after the application.

The whitish liquid becomes clear after you spread it out on your body and doesn’t leave you with a whitish cast on your skin.

The sun block has a light fragrance and reminds me of the chlorinated water.

I love this and used it for site visits and outdoor trips when I used to go out in the sun a lot. Always remember to clean your skin thoroughly to prevent clogging of pores!

You can now redeem a free sample to try the SPF 130 PA+++ Super Block now by liking the facebook page and fill in your details in this page!


4 thoughts on “Sunplay 130 SPF PA+++ Super Block

  1. AJ's Mom says:

    This sounds like a good sunblock. I’ve sure I won’t see it here in the UK though. Must check Ebay I guess. Thanks for sharing. Although we’ve not had any sun for like… forever now!, we could still do with some sun protection. 🙂

      1. AJ's Mom says:

        I don’t think the weather over here would go any crazier than rain! ha ha. Yeap, that’s our summer here. They called it April showers at one point.. but well, it’s been going on for months now. Sad really.

  2. Adele Jenkins says:

    Not a very well written piece of advertorial.
    I didn’t know that chlorinated water smells good to you.. And if a product smells that way, am also not sure if that’s good.

    The key to writing an advertorial is also to state the retailers for Sunplay! I can’t believe you missed that out.

    Stop being a wannabe.

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