Lao Jiu: The Musical


First time watching a musical.

I didn’t catch the first musical adaption of Lao Jiu in 2005, and I’m glad TTP has restaged it this year for the Kuo Pao Kun festival.

The experience was rather fresh and exciting for me. I’m always awed by large scales performances. This adaptation wasn’t too serious and there were also bits of bitter scenes in the musical which reminded me of the times I was and wasn’t doing well in school.

Lao Jiu has a wonderful creative team led by Director Kuo Jian Hong, with the script adapted by Liu Xiaoyi. The lyrics by Xiao Han and songs composed by Eric Ng are so beautiful, not forgetting the awesome dance choreography by Asst. Director/ choreographer by George Chan and the beautiful puppets made by Benjamin Ho from Paper Monkey Theatre. A pity that the set and puppets was underused.

I’m also liking romance part in the musical and the duets performed by Inch Chua and Sugie. The cast were also fantastic. Sugie surprised me for playing the role Lao Jiu, and the ensemble team was rather strong, despite there were some weaker ones in the team. However I feel that they somehow managed to balance it out when they were performing the song numbers.

They will be showing Lao Jiu: The Musical until 29/7, so just check out sistic website to get the tickets.


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