nEbo 5th Birthday Bash!


Last Saturday nEbO celebrated its 5th birthday bash at Downtown East!

I hope you guys were there at the event! For those who couldn’t make it, here are the highlights of that day!

nEbo invited Enigma, their magic interest group, to perform a series of street and stage magic to interact with the crowd for the opening act.

We were also being invited on stage for some games too!

Photo Courtesy of Hong Peng (Hpility)

The cast of the popular Channel 8 TV drama series On the Fringe were also present at the event!

Besides a short interview on how these up–and-coming stars cope with the work and studies, they were also invited to play charades with the audiences! Just look at how crowded the Events Square became!

Students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic held their mini flea market at the Alley at the same time.

Many interesting items such as accessories, clothing and food were sold at different stalls. There were also Orange Deals going on where an item in the bazaar was sold at a really cheap price.

Spending a minimum of $10 at the Bazaar would allow you to enter the mini lucky draw! Ju Ann was so lucky to win the first lucky draw held!

There was also a singing flash mob lead by the nEbO champions. The mob came up too sudden and surrounded us.

The most exciting part of the event was the Crazy Bidding segment! Items such as Ipod Nano and Crumpler bag were sold off starting from $5!

It was very chaotic when a group of students tried to gather whatever cash they had on them in hope to win the Razer anansi keyboard!

It was indeed a crazy experience. LOL.

Also, Youtube star Toh Yifan and FS Acoustics also sang a number of songs for us. They were also being invited to share with us their passion for music and their achievements.

Not forgetting to take a picture with the bloggers and organiser present!

If you missed the event and didn’t get a chance to sign up to become a nEbO member, click this link to sign up for it now!

UPDATE: Sign up online using this promo code 12NEBOBLOGGERJUL to enjoy a promotion! Promotion will be valid until 4 Aug 2012.
1 Year nEbO membership package:
$20 + 600 LinkPoints (300 more link points than usual package!)
 3 Years nEbO membership package:
$39 + 3000 LinkPoints (1500 more link points than usual package!)

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