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As you know, I was invited to Komachi Hair Cult to try out their new range of organic hair dye.

Komachi Hair Cult is a Japanese hair salon that has a team of hair designers with more than 10 years of experience. Other than common hair salon services such as haircuts and perms, Komachi Hair Cult also offer scalp treatments and bridal makeup services.

Lately Komachi Hair Cult has recently launched a new Organic Color System, 100% free from ammonia and other harsh chemicals found in permanent hair dyes.

Look at the wide range of colors the Organic Color Systems offers! Organic Color Systems is available in 54 mixable colors, certified vegan and cruelty free, ideal for people who are vegan, had cancer or anyone with irritated scalp.

Even if you decided to go for some lighter colors that require bleaching or highlighting, the Organic Color Systems uses a bleach-free hair lightening systems without damaging your hair and scalp.

Initially I wanted to go for 8BC, a very bright copper with orangey tone. However, after hair designer Kohji Matsunaga analysed my hair and skin tone, he suggested that I go for something darker, between 6BC and 7BC, for a more natural look.

Matsunaga has over 14 years experience in this industry, and received his training in Vidal Sassoon in London.

Here’s Matsunaga and his assistant in the process of dyeing my hair!

After applying the dye onto my hair, a machine was used to heat up the dye for the color to penetrate into my hair better.

If you are wondering what’s that bunny thing on top of my head, it’s the machine!

That machine oscillates so that heat covers every inch of my head.

Look! I’m an ox now!

I was actually quite amused by the machine and took a lot of pictures of it. 😛

Now behold, freshly dyed hair picture below:

Isn’t the color amazing? I think I looked very Japanese with this color! So glad that I heeded his advice!

Matsunaga also trimmed my bangs and used a large tong to style my hair! So nice of him!

Final result:

Back View

My sister also went for the hair coloring and we were very satisfied with the Organic Color System!

Review after a few days:

My hair color lightens every time I wash my hair and it has now became much lighter than how it looked back at the salon, which I was already informed by the hair designers.

Hair Color After 3 Days

However I do notice that I’m starting to experience dandruff on my scalp, which I didn’t have that problem previously. But since I’m currently on medication that caused my skin to dry up, hence I believe that the hair colouring was just a trigger to the dandruff problem.

Other people shouldn’t have the problem that I’m experiencing. But people whose scalps are easily irritated should also be careful somehow.

After hair coloring, it is important to use shampoos that helped lock the colours in place, followed by hair masks and conditioners as hair dyes can also be quite drying.

If you’re going to think that organic hair coloring is expensive, you’re wrong! It is about $100 for a full head color! Very affordable! For the full price list, please refer to this chart here:

Komachi Hair Cult is located at:

360 Orchard Road
International Building

Visit to their Facebook page for more details!


9 thoughts on “Organic Color Systems

  1. Congratulations! You guys rocked it! What an amazing Colour! Did you by chance use the oil and 40 vol? For the Colour? I see paneling on nature lite maybe toned after! It looks great!

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