I wanted to blog about reading few dozen minutes ago, but I was distracted by chats with my sister, event invitations and so much more other things. (I will be blogging slowly about the events and product reviews, so just watch this space. Meanwhile, read on.)

After about nearly 5 months, I finally picked up a new book from my bookshelf and read. It got me thinking: When was the last time you read a book? I’m not talking about reading materials or textbooks. In fact, I’ve been reading so many essays given by my professors weekly, hence it doesn’t count that I didn’t read for 5 months. But you should get what I mean. I think we should read other stuffs other than textbooks. It doesn’t matter what; if you love current affairs, go ahead and read the newspapers. You can also read graphic novels, as long as you read.

Once a mother told me that her kid doesn’t read. Then I turned to look at her kid, who was reading a storybook, and asked, “Isn’t your daughter reading now?”. And guess what? She said she was reading junk. Really? No wonder why the bestsellers are now assessment books and numerous bookstores have closed down.

I believe novels are not junk. I sure learn a lot from just reading novels. There are quotes to remember, and there are also other things – I know Social Security number are like Singapore’s Identity Card number. And H&M is a large clothing store like CK Tang or This Fashion, waaaaay before it set up a franchise in Singapore. And reading novels allow you to let loose of your imagination.

My friend, who happened to be one of my most respected senior, and happened to be the director of the play I worked on few months ago, once said that if there are 100 audiences, then we will have 100 interpretations. Imagination is a very powerful tool. Bill Compton (from the Southern Vampire Mysteries) in my mind doesn’t look like Stephen Moyer AT ALL. I bet everyone’s version of Bill Compton are different from mine as well.

So anyway, last night I picked up a new book that I bought 2 months ago. It was written by Ellen Degeneres and today I finished reading it.

I really love this book. Other than it being a really easy book to read, it is hilarious. But I guess the key message that I got amid all the funny stuffs she wrote was to be happy, be grateful, not to conform to be somebody else and don’t let negative thoughts or words get to you. Kinda like something I’ve been trying to tell everyone. I’m glad somebody shares my sentiments.

If you asked me what’s the most memorable quote from the book, I would tell you that I want to quote the entire book. But I can’t do that because of the “copyright infringement” laws. But seriously speaking, buy this book and read. It’s awesome.


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