Soymilk Enzyme Mask by Love More

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I’m a great fan of Soy products (be it soymilk, beancurd, tofu, tau huay & etc) because of the nutrients found in soybean. Isoflavones, found in soybean, contains high amount of antioxidants properties and therefore able to help prevent aging caused by various skin problems.

Love More recently released their Japanese Soymilk Enzyme Moisturizing & Soothing Mask, a mask that promises to improve skin clarity, gentle pore cleansing and prevent aging.

Each box contains 5 pieces of masks. With its new formula, it claims to be more hydrating, best fitting, intense moisturizing and increase absorptivity.

The newly patented SYN HYCAN claims to give a better moisturizing effect than the traditional hyaluronic acid.

First Impression

The mask is thin, with only approximately 0.02mm in thickness. It is soft but does not tear easily. When I first fished it out from the package, the mask sheet was still dripping with essence!

Since it is a soymilk enzyme mask, it sure does smell like soymilk. It has a sweet and light fragrance, nothing pungent. The constant smelling of the soymilk mask made me crave for a nice warm cup of soymilk.

One of the masks that fits pretty well on Asian features. My only problem with the mask is that it doesn’t really cover my nose and jaw area well.

Upon removal of the mask, my skin feels soft and supple! The essence is non-sticky and easy to absorb into the skin. It is very gentle on my skin but however there isn’t much hydration improvement visible.

Overall Rating: 4/5

This mask is very mild and therefore it is suitable for sensitive skin like me. It is also not very rich, therefore suitable to daily use or 3-4 times per week usage as well.

You can get the masks from!


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