Intensive Repairing Black Cotton Mask by Sexy Look

Sponsored Review

I was sponsored with a packet of Sexy Look’s Intensive Repairing Black Cotton Mask by

Sexy Look, endorsed by Taiwan’s celebrity Aisa, is well known for its 3D masks. This Intensive Black Cotton Mask was featured in Taiwan’s popular Skincare and Makeup show 《女人我最大》. As quoted from the show, the reason for it being a black cotton mask was to “以黑治黑” (translated bluntly from Chinese is to “use black to cure black”, the latter being the melamine present in our skin).

This mask claims to absorb dirt, excess sebum and refine pores with the activated carbon as one of the mask’s main ingredient.

Obsidian, another ingredient in the mask, is a type of volcanic glass formed by the rapid cooling magma and claims to promote mineralization and skin regeneration.

First Impression

Material and Fitting
The mask is made of 100% pure cotton which is soft and thin upon touch. Fitting wise, it disappoints me completely as the mask was too huge on my face plus it wasn’t very ergonomically cut to fit my features. A lot of adjustment needed to be done to make sure most of my face are covered.

As it was a mask that focuses on intensive purifying and repairing of skin, I thought a photo collage of the “Before” and “After” would help to illustrate my point.

The pores on my skin didn’t become smaller, but my skin definitely feels clearer and brighter after use. My skin tone is more even out and skin feels less oily throughout the day. Makeup application was also better as my skin was much more hydrated after using the mask.

Overall Rating: 3/5
Overall I was satisfied with the result despite the poor design of the mask.
It didn’t break me out and therefore I believe it is suitable for sensitive skin.

This Intensive Repairing Black Cotton mask is available in


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