Birdnest and Caviar Duo Lifting mask by Sexy Look

Sponsored Review

Another mask review! Yes, school has been tiring for me and I needed the masks for my tired skin… Besides facing health issues such as increasing heart rate and heart palpitations, you would also get abdominal pains from the lack of sleep we’re getting. The lack of sleep and constant stress also causes aging and saggy skin. The skin would also produce more oil and make you look dull.

So I was very delighted to try out Sexy Look’s Birdnest and Caviar Duo Lifting mask sponsored by!

From the Chinese point of view, bird nest increases the rate of repair of skin cells and the frequent consumption will lead to fairer and radiant skin. Caviar promotes cell growth with its vitamins and minerals present.

Therefore this mask promises to brighten dull skin and promote collagen to enhance skin elasticity.

First Impression

Material and Fitting
I was disappointed by the fitting. Due to it being a duo lifting mask, the mask is designed to be a little smaller than the usual masks, hence it sacrifices on coverage on parts of our skin. The center of my face was not covered at all by the mask.

It smells nice though. It has a light fragrance to it that smells flowery to me.

The redness on my skin has subsided a little and skin looks calmer. The lifting effect also has a visible result on my skin.

My skin also feels more hydrated now! With improved moisture level, there are less “lines” when you look up close on the skin.

Overall Rating: 3/5

The lifting, brightening and hydrating claims live up to their promise, but the design of the mask can be improved to achieve overall coverage on the skin.

You can get this mask at!


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