Authentic Indian Cuisine @ Indian Curry House

The Street Directory invited the bloggers to a food tasting event at an Indian restaurant which specially sells Authentic Indian Cuisine, from Tandoori Chicken to their (very) sweet desserts that every Indian loves. (they have sweet tooth ;))


CIMG6236Exterior of the Indian Curry House

The Indian Curry House we went to was at the far end of Expo (outside Hall 4) but they also have branches at Sixth Avenue and East Coast. Indian Curry House has over 100 dishes in their menu and they provide catering services for private functions, birthdays and corporate events!

Indian Curry House’s operating hours are from 11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.00pm to 11.00pm. I was told that Indians are used to having late dinner. So the next time you’re at Expo, do go and try their Indian Cuisine!


The interior decor of the restaurant is very simple, and each table has a jar of water cater to their patrons.

I ordered a cup of mango juice that day. It wasn’t very sweet or thick.


First up was the pappad and their special sauce in it. The pappad is something like koropok, or cripsy crackers as some would call it, and you can either eat it plain or with the condiment. Personally I don’t really like dips and therefore I ate mine plain. But it was so crispy!

Tandoori Chicken (2, 4, or 8 pieces) – $9/$15/$27 Recommended*


This is one of my favorite! Indians use a lot of spices and yoghurt in their cooking. This tandoori chicken uses spring chicken that was marinated with yoghurt and masala, a term that was used to describe a mixture of spices to add flavor to the dishes. The tandoori chicken was very well marinated and grilled, and the chicken wasn’t too tough!

Fish Cake – $9.90


Their fish cakes are one of the signature dishes in Indian Curry House. Chunks of fish were crumbed before frying, hence giving the fish cakes a cripsy texture to it. I didn’t quite like the fish cakes because firstly, I am not a fan of fish and I don’t really like mayonnaise sauce that is served together with the fish cakes.

Chili Garlic Prawns – $16.90


Also one of Indian Curry House’s signature dishes. The Chili Garlic Prawns is a indo-chinese fushion style with spring onion, red chili, garlic and chef’s special sauce. It was an OK dish, not a must-try when you visit.

Saffron Rice – $4.40 Recommended*


I would totally recommend saffron rice to go along with your food instead of plain rice. Saffron is a type of spice derived from plant sources. The rice is made from Saffron, long grain basmati rice, ghee and other spices tossed together. The rice is especially aromatic after the tossing and goes really well with the other dishes. I love this!

Butter Chicken – $16.90 Recommended*


This dish is an all time favorite for the Indians. You might want to try this if you are not comfortable with eating chicken with bones. The butter chicken uses de-bone chicken that is slow cooked in tomato gravy. A very creamy and delicious dish!

Kashmiri Rogan Josh (Mutton Curry) – $16.90


This is a classic Kashmir (northwestern region of the Indian Subcontinent) cuisine. The pieces of mutton were stewed with a blend of spices and onions. I skipped this dish because I can’t take mutton.

Garlic Naan – $3.90 Recommended*


What is eating Indian cuisine without Naan? Naan is a type of flat bread served in many Indian cuisines, and you can treat the butter chicken or mutton curry as dips for the naan! I find that the garlic naan tastes like garlic bread, and is best served hot.

As Indian cuisines are very strong flavored because of the spices added, Indians love eating sweet desserts after their meals to sort of “balance out” the taste.

Kulfi – $5.90


The Kulfi is a type of frozen dairy dessert that is often referred to as “icecream”. It uses condensed milk for the sweet taste. The kulfi served here tops with grounded pistachios and sliced apple to add crunchiness to the dish. However, this is waaaay too sweet for me.

Gulab Jamun – $5.50 Recommended*


This is a popular Indian dessert that is deep fried and then simmered in sugar syrup. As compared to the Kulfi, this is less sweet! Just a serving of one milk dumpling is enough to conclude your meal at the Indian Curry House.

So now I’ll end off with a group photo of us with the store owner and the organiser!


Expo Indian Curry House
Expo Drive, #01-44 Singapore Expo, Singapore
Tel: +65 6588 3324
Daily: 11.30am–2.30pm, 6.00pm–11.00pm

East Coast Crescendo Building
27 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455211
Tel: +65 6442 0910
Hours: 11.30am–2.30pm, 6.00pm–11.00pm

Bukit Timah
Bukit Timah Road, #01-03 Sixth Avenue Center, Singapore
Tel: +65 6463 6289
Daily: 11.30am–2.30pm, 6.00pm–11.00 pm


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