Get flawless with Kevin Laoshi @ Starcruise Virgo

Media Conference

Some time back, L’egere and M.O.S.S invited some bloggers to L’egere’s media conference. L’egere invited Kevin laoshi, the well known beauty maestro in Taiwan, on board Starcruise Virgo to conduct a series of beauty workshops. Therefore, I got a chance to meet Kevin laoshi in person to bring home more beauty knowledge! 😀

Background Information of L’egere
L’egere is based in Korea that aims to bring effective and innovative skin care and make up solutions to women around the world at reasonable prices. Through research, L’egere has developed a wholesome and holistic range of products that are catered to different skin types and needs.

Can you believe he is 43 years old this year?

Kevin laoshi first came across L’egere a few years back and have since been an ardent fan of it. During the media conference, he shared some tips on how to achieve beautiful skin here are the highlights:

Q: What are his favorite products from L’egere?
His favorite product has got to be the Ice Toner that turns water in the spray can into frost when dispensed out. This product is his favorite because unlike the usual thermal water sprays, the Ice Toner does not leave droplets on our face. Kevin laoshi introduced this product in the famous Taiwan variety show 女人我最大 and received favorable responses.

Q: What are the products suitable for Asian skin types?
Kevin laoshi recommended the L’EGERE WHITE -C Revitalizing Collagen Essence which is an oil-free essence that helps to exfoliate skin, increase skin elasticity and delay aging of skin.


I received the collagen essence in my press pack and honestly speaking, I’m loving it so much. It has worked very well on my skin. I’ve been using it for around 2 months or so and the acne scars have faded in about 2 to 3 tones. The essence is also very thin and watery which leaves no stickiness on my skin.

Q: What are the must-haves for Singapore’s weather?
Oil free products BB creams and oil control products are recommended by Kevin laoshi on the T-Zone area ONLY as our cheeks are usually dry. He recommended the L’EGERE Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder because it has a Water in Powder technology that contains 60% of water in the powder to moisturize our skin. Additionally he also recommend that we have the ice toner in our bags to calm our skin to combat our mid-day shine.


To check whether you have dry or oily skin, look out for spots and freckles as they appear only on dry skins. However some girls have both freckles and oily skin. The reason is due to the lack of moisture and the skin has to produce more oil for the lack of hydration.

I also got to take a picture with Kevin Laoshi!


The day after was the workshop conducted by Kevin laoshi and it was opened to the public.

CIMG7252Kevin laoshi with the emcee of the day


Kevin laoshi recommends us to lie on our beds like the picture above when applying moisturiser as it helps with lifting of our faces.

He also demonstrated the correct massaging technique to achieve “V-shaped” face on an audience:


For the benefit of everyone reading this, I got the whole process videotaped down… Yes I know, you don’t have to thank me. 😛


Personally I tried this method at home and I’m glad to say that it works!


My face during September was a little puffy and less firmer as compared to now. Even my girls who have not see me since the HK trip have commented that my face looked much defined and sharper now!

He also taught the audience the tips and tricks to achieve a flawless and natural looking face.


On applying blush on the cheeks, Kevin laoshi recommended finding our cheekbones to determine the area that our blush should be:


End result:


He also taught the audience in choosing the correct clothes to suit our own body shapes and sizes:


It was a fulfilling experience overall! Hope to see him again sometime!


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