Get Picture Perfect with L’Oréal Paris Lucent Magique range

I was invited by L’Oreal Paris Singapore to try out their latest Lucent Magique series! I must say that this latest range of highlighter/concealer, foundation and primer is by far the best over-the-counter cosmetics! You seriously have to get them.


Sis and I at the launch!


The Lucent Magique range is the latest innovation by L’Oreal Paris! Lucent Magique is the first skin transforming makeup line ever created by an over-the-counter cosmetic brand.

This range promises to give you a radiant and flawless looking complexion. It consists of a foundation, BB cream, highlighter and primer. The BB cream was launched a while ago but not the others!

Lucent Magique Liquid Foundation – $32.90


The Lucent Magique Liquid Foundation uses 40% pure water in its formula to give you a sheer, lightweight and hydrated finish, and also provides you with a light-medium coverage.

Its formula gives you 33% more radiance, as compared to traditional foundations.

The foundation will also suit every skin tone with the 6 different shades available. Below is a swatch of the primer and the foundation’s lightest tones N2 and R2:


Swatches of the Lucent Magique foundation’s lightest shade.

R2 is lighter than N2 but it is slightly pinkish, hence most fair Asian would suit N2 better. Even though N2 looks a little dark, but it is actually lighter when spread out.

Notice how my skin looked death pale with R2 on my skin than N2?


Most bloggers have fair skin and picked N2 as it suited our skin tone better and looked more natural.

Lucent Magique Primer – $24.90


The primer is a whitish, pearly liquid that turns transparent upon application. The primer would enhance the light reflection on your skin for a 3D sculpted look. Use it alone for a subtle glow on your cheeks and T-zone area, or under the foundation for a long lasting hold.

Lucent Magique Touch of Light Pen – $22.90


This pen works as both a highlighter and a concealer. It can help to highlight cheekbones, nose bridge, enhance lip pout, brighten tired eyes and plump expression lines (laugh lines) to achieve a flawless complexion.

The Touch of Light pen has only 2 shades available – Light and Fair. Light works very well as an under-eye concealer and highlighter of the cheekbones and nose bridge to enhance my facial features.

All these three products from Lucent Magique are currently my HG products! I’ve been using them everyday!

Everything can be photoshopped including the glow of our skin, but photoshopped glow can never look like radiant skin taken under the sunlight.


There were also makeup demonstration that taught us how to use the Lucent Magique range:




Here’s a video of how to pro do it:


Additionally, we were also given the nail art sticker for trial!

Photo courtesy of Her World

The nail art sticker has 6 fashionable designs in total and are very easy to use! The video below teaches you how to achieve beautifully manicured nails without the pain of applying messy nail polish!

I tried it myself at home and here’s the result:


It has extras for certain nail sizes and therefore you can redo your nails if you make mistakes.


The downside of this product is that not everyone’s nail size are the same width, hence fitting can be quite a pain.

The Lucent Magique range is now available! For more information, visit L’Oreal Paris Singapore’s facebook page!

Recently L’Oreal also launched their latest L’Oreal Paris moodboard on their page where you can create your own moodboard, and then upload a cover photo using those pictures in your board! You get to stand a chance to win $300 worth of prizes weekly. The grand winner will win a Samsung NX100 camera worth $799.


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