SexyLook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting mask

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The Extra Brightening Duo Lifting mask is another range of mask from Taiwan’s mask brand SexyLook.

This mask claims to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and helps in brightening of our skin, as it contains tranexamic acid, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, west indian cherry extract and vitamin B3 that is rapidly absorbed into the skin layer. Additionally, it also includes gemstone ingredients such as malachite extract and platinum nanoparticles for extra brightening effect.

The extra brightening duo lifting mask also promises to enhance moisture level and promote collagen synthesis that increases our skin’s elasticity.



The mask material is thick and does not absorb much of the essence present inside the mask pack. Due to it being a lifting mask, the mask is rather small and the area around my nose is not fully covered by the mask.

Personally I find that the perfume added is acrid. It smells of chemical that is too overpowering for my liking. :/



As mentioned, this mask claims to brighten skin, reduce fine lines and enhance moisture in the skin. However, I find that the claims are unfounded. As seen from the pictures above, my skin still looks the same. The only difference that is visible is the lifting effect.

I also find that the mask stings a little. Hence people with sensitive skin might want to be careful about that.

What I like about this mask is that the essence was absorbed into the skin easily. However, my skin still feels dry.

The SexyLook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting mask is retailing at $8.80 per box, with 5 pieces inside each box. However, is currently selling this range at $7.90 per box. I find that the price is reasonable if selling at $7.90.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5
Will I purchase it again? No. This range is disappointing as compared to the other ones I have reviewed before.


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