Tips for a healthy liver this holiday season

First post of the year 2013!

Last December I met up with a group of bloggers and Dr. Law, a liver health expert working in Raffles Hospital, for a short lunch to find out how we can take good care of our liver.


Christmas and New Year had just passed not too long ago, and with the upcoming Lunar New Year in around a month’s time, we will be binging on food such as bak kwa and abalone and drowning ourselves in alcohol again! Over-indulging on these delicacies not only causes us to put on weight but also can become a nightmare for our health, particularly our liver.

The liver is an organ your body can’t live without. A healthy liver helps to remove impurities and toxins that are harmful to the body while it combat infections. However, poor lifestyle habits such as the lack of exercise, poor diet, stress, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption can hamper the liver’s function. Lack of exercise can cause fat to
accumulate in the liver cells, which can then lead to fatty liver disease (FLD).

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to reduce stress on your liver:

1) Have a Balanced Diet
Your meals should be taken in small amount and should be rich in vegetables, fruits and proteins. Studies have shown the correlation between a diet high in fat and fatty liver, so
minimise the intake of fatty foods.

2) Drink in Moderation
Excessive alcoholic beverages destroys liver cells. Limit your alcohol intake to 12 oz. of beer or wine cooler, 5 oz. of wine, or 1.5 oz. of 80-proof distilled spirits.

3) Take Medicines as Prescribed and do not Exceed Recommended Doses
Even seemingly harmless medicines can damage the liver. If you have diabetes and high
blood cholesterol and triglycerides, strictly follow your doctor’s prescribed treatment.

4) Exercise
30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises such as aerobics, jogging or swimming helps to increase in the amount of oxygen and the change in breathing pattern and speeds up the delivery of oxygen to the vital organs, including the liver, helping it to function better.

5) Take in Nutritional Supplements
You may also want to consider taking supplements which contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, also known as essential phospholipids (EPL), to keep your liver in good shape. Taking liver supplements daily can bring sustained vitality and help you deal with daily stress.

The bloggers also received a box of Essentiale® to try out.


A healthy liver can regenerate itself by absorbing EPLs, essential phospholipids that are the building blocks of the liver cell membrane. However, unhealthy lifestyle can hurt the liver and cause liver calls to lose phospholipids. Clinical research has proven that taking a supplement of EPLs can support vital function of the liver*.

o Essentiale contains 300 mg of essential phospholipids (EPLs) that work by restoring normal cell membrane* to help support the vital liver functions.

EPLs is found to support vital function of the liver.

*As shown in experimentally induced-liver cell damage



However there are certain side effects to this supplement that you should be aware of. My mum took it and she had vomitted for two days. However no side effects are found on me while taking it.


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