Biore Skin Caring Mild Cleanser & Scrub

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Biore is a skincare brand known for offering consumers quality yet affordable facial products that addresses certain skin care concerns. Earlier this month, they launched an improved version of their facial cleansers and I got my hands on one of them and the new scrub for review!


The improved version claims to:

1. High cleansing ability vs. competitors.
2. Low irritation as cleansing chemical does not penetrate skin.
3. The first cleanser that works to rebalance skin – reduce oil at T-zone (forehead and nose) and replenish moisture at U-zone (cheek and chin).

Additionally, with continuous usage, this skin caring series also promises to show improvements within 14 days.

Skin Caring Cleanser – Mild


The mild cleanser is suitable for all skin types and promises smoother and softer skin. Biore has developed a Skin Purifying Technology (SPT) that has high cleansing efficiency without leaving residue on the skin.


The cleanser foams up really well. It is enough to cover my face with using just a pea sized amount.


Like its predecessor, Biore cleansers leave a squeaky clean feeling on my skin after washing. It may or may not be a plus point for some. The cleanser also doesn’t dry out my skin after usage like some foam cleansers do.

I recommend this cleanser to people who are not willing to splurge but are looking for a decent cleanser that can perform its job.

Skin Caring Cleanser – Scrub


This is a facial foam scrub that contains tiny micro beads in the cleanser, suitable for all skin types for a clearer and refined skin.


It also contains SPT innovation and ultra tiny beads that are smaller than our pores to effectively remove dirt and dead skin cells.

Similar to the mild cleanser, it lathers up pretty well and feels gentle on my skin when going through the scrubbing motion.


However, I would not recommend this for deep cleansing facial routine as I feel that it is not strong enough. It can be used 2-3 times weekly though to remove dead skin cells accumulated on the surface our skin.

The cleansers and scrub are available at all Watsons, Guardian, SaSa and other major departmental stores.


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