Shopping for CNY

Sometimes we buy expensive clothes we hardly even wear. Just because Chinese New Year is an important yearly affair, it doesn’t mean that we have to get dresses we don’t wear often.

It’s just a waste of space in our wardrobe.

I’m not really a dress person. However, my aunts always complain that I don’t wear enough dresses, therefore CNY is always the perfect time to shut them up with colorful short dresses. Then I threw them into a corner of my wardrobe for the rest of the year.

Therefore I came up with some shopping rules that I abide to strictly (almost) when it comes to getting clothes for CNY:

1. Choose only clothes of your fashion style
If you like sweet and pinky stuffs, stick to it instead of trying to become a rock chick.

2. If you feel like venturing, set a budget for yourself
Places such as Far East Plaza and Bugis Street are ideal places to start with. The clothings sold are usually cheaper than other shopping malls. Sticking to a budget is a wise move because at least you won’t feel much heartache when you eventually decided to throw out that piece of dress.

3. Start your CNY shopping early
I usually starts shopping for clothes a month before CNY because they usually less expensive. Of course you must also deal with the fact that something better might come along your way throughout the month.

4. Go for comfortable shoes
There’s a lot of house visitings to do, so you wouldn’t want to risk having blisters on your toes, would you? Also pick something that is easy to slip on.

5. Get some new lingerie too
I really recommend lingerie shopping if you need seamless/nude underwear to go along with your new outfit. Maybe also some good bras that could enhance your figure.

Hope this article would be useful to you girls doing last minute CNY shoppings! Good luck!


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