Of School, Pre-CNY and a Messy Room

Actually I’m pretty active on twitter and instagram these days. You can follow me if you want. 😉

CNY is just around the corner and we went to the nursery to get flowers! I was completely lost in the myriad of chrysanthemums… of all sorts of colors and types. Here’s one:


Below is called Zinnia.


I find purple and orange chrysanthemums really beautiful.


Attended L’Oreal Revitalift X3 Product Launch (will be launching in March, hence I will get around to blogging it before the launch ya):


Spotted a crane on the way to school:


I got back one of my assignment! It is an autobiography about myself. 3.75/5 and a lot of weird symbols that are called the “chicken scratches”.


Yesterday, my lecturer from the Social Work module took out her guitar and sang a song for us:


I always look forward to the two hour drama lesson every Wednesday. Like what my tutor would say… this is a safe zone for us to make mistakes.


Also attended Renny’s gig at the Esplande’s Outdoor Theatre:


Pre-CNY shopping!


And here comes the tiring part for every CNY preparation: Spring Cleaning

I’m a really messy person when I work. Things lie around and I don’t bother to pick them up. If I can still have a bed to sleep at the end of the day, I wouldn’t mind the messiness at all.

Last I cleared my room was 3 months ago.


Managed to clear, vacuumed and cleaned the room in two and a half hours:

Books are back in their original place!


Desk is relatively empty now!




Happy Chinese New Year guys!


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