Healthy fast food alternative – VeganBurg


Few weeks ago I met up with my friends as one of my friend came home from Taiwan for a short CNY visit. We were deciding between VeganBurg and some other vegetarian restaurants and then I suddenly remembered that Ling introduced VeganBurg to me before.

I’m not really a fan of vegetarian food because I MUUUUUUST have my daily intake of chicken and other meat. But it is good to have a change because I’ve been taking in loads of meat during CNY.

So VeganBurg it was.

I ordered Smoky BBQ from their menu, it is a burger with mushroom patty dressed in BBQ sauce. It was so yummy! And the fries! They taste so good!

We also ordered some sides and I must say I really like the vegan franks. It tastes so alike to chicken franks even though they are made from tofu. The salad is good as well if you dislike mock meat.

I will go back again with my friends because I found out that I have a bus service that takes me straight from Bukit Panjang to their doorstep in 30 minutes. 😀


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