Turn offs for guys

So…. I attended a seminar on “Image for Oral Presentation” for one of my assignments last week and the speaker divided us by gender for one activity, that is to list out 10 image destroyers for both men and women.

The guys only managed to list out eight of them. But oh well, since I have the list I might as well post them so that girls of my age can know what the guys are thinking.

The list compiled is not in order of importance.

1) Untidy Hair
Fringe or hair that covers the face is a no-no. The guys prefers girls to look clean and fresh.

2) Revealing Clothes
Thumbs down for low cuts and translucent chiffon tops.

3) Bright Coloured Hair
They said that if you are Asian, then look like one. Blonde hair for Asians are big no-nos.

4) Huge Earrings
Self explanatory.

5) Too many Piercings
Self explanatory as well.

6) Too Shy
Shy girls need to speak up more so that they can strike up and continue a conversation. Key word is to CONTINUE a conversation.

7) Bad Postures
Walk with confidence, don’t slouch!

8) Lots of Make Up
Guys really like clean faces and minimal make up. So skip the foundation routine and opt for a light coverage such as BB cream. Also ditch your thick black eyeliner that make you look like a panda. Use a brown eyeliner instead to tightline your eyes for a natural and well defined eyes.


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