Huayi Festival: 18 Springs

I only managed to catch 18 Springs for this year’s Huayi fest due to a conflict in schedules. 😦


However, I must say that I’m glad that the classic work of Eileen Chang in Mathias Woo’s rendition was really good.

I never tried reading the original story of Eighteen Springs. But I did watched the 1997 screenplay version that starred Leon Lai and Anita Mui.I felt that the stage version conveyed the emotions better than the movie.

Certain parts of the story were sung out by Jin Lisheng and Yu Qun, much like storytelling that is often accompanied by stringed musical instruments or commonly known as 弹词 in the 50s and 60s. As an audience, I felt like I was transported back in time, looking back at the tragic love story of Shijun and Manzhen.

There was particularly one part near the ending of the play that was very well put together, using a video of the meeting of Shijun and Manzhen 14 years after the tragedy happened:



Many times it is not the event itself that we remembered. It is the person that we spent our time with together that makes the moment memorable.

Hopefully the important people in our lives are still with us years later.


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