On Hiatus

I might be just shutting down this site as a whole.

Let’s see how it goes.

If I don’t come back, let me just say thank you – my loyal readers who are with me for the past 2 and a half years. It’s been great knowing there are people who reads what I wrote, even though half the time it might be just sponsored reviews.

It’s tough making this decision because I really love blogging.

But because my private life is in a mess now, I think I really need to take the time off to sort out myself. If I don’t come back, it just means that I’ve decided to shut off from the limelight altogether.

I guess I will end it here. I have not much energy left right now because I’m having a migraine (always wonder how it feels like for someone to have migraine and well, I got it now. SO PAINFUL I feel like dying).

My facebook and twitter have been deactivated as well. But I will come back. Maybe you can consider switching to the bite size 140 characters tweeting of my life should you still wanna hear my voice on the internet.

Love you guys,


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