TS1101E – Introduction to Theatre and Drama

As my school term came to a closure, it marks the end of my first year in NUS.

I’m sure my peers would agree with me that the most time consuming module they took this semester was also their favourite. Needless to say, TS1101E is also my favourite module.

Sure… I still doesn’t like studying theories, but the practical portion of it was fun enough.

We took two and a half weeks to prepare for our final practical exam which we were required to put up a 20 minute excerpt of a well known play. We chose Six of the Best by Tan Tarn How. A local play written on the issue of racism in Singapore.

… and we only have 5 members. So it’s five of the best.

The best of the best. 😉


Set making consumes most of my time. Loads of sweat went into the making of this 3 x 3 metres newspaper-mache wall which have to be combined within a few minutes during the set up.

I still remembered during one of our rehearsal, some seniors came in while we were packing up and commented that nobody has ever put in that amount of effort for a level-1000 exposure module.


And then comes Huat, a Hokkien speaking ah being who spews vulgarities! The best part of it was that it was Surendran who played Huat. We spent a few days looking for help in the translation bit and teaching a non-Chinese Hokkien.


Tried very hard not to laugh during rehearsal. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Can’t seem to be really immersed in the character. FAIL FAIL FAIL!


But anyhow, I’m deeply grateful for the efforts put into this dramatic performance by my team mates – Surendran, Gilchrist, Priscella and Gavin, despite the fact that TS1101E was not their core module. Most importantly, through it all we managed to forge a genuine friendship in this 2.5 weeks.

This may be the end of experiencing theatre for some of them, but it’s definitely the start for me. 2 more years to go! Go go go!


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