Portobello Mushroom with ham and mozerella cheese

Was craving for some mushroom today and so I made this! I really love fuss free cooking!


Followed some recipes online but decided that I shall not add garlic, onions or anything else. It is really simple to make these and there’s no oil involved. Here’s my version:


Mozerella Cheese
Honey Glazed Ham
Portobello Mushrooms

1. Remove the stalks of the mushrooms and wash the mushrooms clean.

2. Cut the ham into small squares and sprinkle on the the mushroom. General ratio: One piece of ham to one mushroom.

3. Cut blocks of mozerella cheese and place onto of the ham.


4. Warm the pot/pan and place the mushroom inside.

5. Cover the pot or pan and cook in low heat, until the cheese melts.


That’s how easy it is to make this!

You can also use cubed tomatoes instead of ham. I couldn’t find any tomatoes in my fridge that’s why I didn’t use it!

CIMG8166 CIMG8170


2 thoughts on “Portobello Mushroom with ham and mozerella cheese

  1. Nice! My neighbour taught me a fuss free mushroom idea and i never forgot it. Balsamic vinegar drizzled inside the mushroom with blue vein on top and baked. Your post so reminded me of this. Nice blog.

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